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Noob Buick Wagon Intro

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Hi guys! I joined because someone from Facebook in Underappreciated Survivors suggested this group as an invaluable tool and resource. I'm from Kansas and live up north by Concordia and Minneapolis.

Well, I've always loved wagons since I was a kid and a year ago I ended up with an '88 S10 Blazer although Ideally I wanted a wagon. I have a soft spot for the S-series and did a lot to the truck.. Lowered it, got all the systems taken care of and my mom, before she passed away helped me with rust repair. Well, long story short I was depressed and couldn't face myself to work on it anymore. Just by chance I was scrolling FB marketplace Friday and saw a '94 Estate wagon, the guy wanted to sell or trade for a pickup.

Fast forward to Saturday and I ended up picking up a '94 Roadmaster Estate wagon with 139K miles on it.

Now she isn't perfect but its perfect for me and the kids. Helping raise my deceased best friend's kids and the wagon definitely helps with them.

As far as background on it, It only needs the cruise control to work again, the horn blows constantly so the fuse has been pulled. Also the tailgate fold-down mechanism doesn't work but swings out. Asides from that she's got some pep in her step for being two tons of fun. Oh and the front bumper cover needs replacing and a peice of trim molding. No rust though!

Also, typical curious me..I took the liberty of doing a RPO code lookup and this car came with a 3rd rear seat delete and wood grain delete.

Anywhoo.. glad to be here! -D


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I've not heard much about the 'constant horn' problem on our tri-9 B-/D-bodies. Older GMs using the bi-metal contact plate design would do that after years of the foam separator disintegrating enough.
96 Black

I seem to remember issues with either the pre-94 or 94-95 horn switches. The sites custom search will help you. I tried "horn switch 1994" and:

Horns come on by themselves (usually in the middle of the night)
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