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Yeah, I didn't really have to get another car, but hey, it happened already, so eh - whatever.

Been wanting one for several years already (and I'm still not even 30!), except I sure couldn't afford one on a student budget. Came across this '94 on Craigslist, though, and it took all of 15 minutes to become a done deal. 168k miles, non-CA car, but I ain't complaining for $2k in SoCal; most in reasonable shape fetch like $5k+. Naturally, I've long since given up on finding an affordable WB4. ;)

Maintenance up to snuff, and except for a leaking OEM radiator, which really isn't ususual (a few of my Volvo's had plastic radiators too), all else is "minor" stuff - GM plastic (duct tape, super glue and/or silicone), hatch lock that doesn't lock (switch problem), power antenna (just plain broken), and horn (haven't looked here yet).

-- Kane ... enough rambling ... back to lurking.

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Welcome to the world of wide wagons. I went to buy a tape measure this morning and saw the twin to yours in the parking lot, all the same except for a hitch mounted bike rack.
Sounds like you got it for a good price too.

John C

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whatever you do, don't let any one tell you it's a granny car! Welcome to the world of the big trunks. :cool:

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Originally posted by DadSSled:
whatever you do, don't let any one tell you it's a granny car!
Heh ... well, no one has said anything yet, but I've already been questioned years back about my true age. The first car I bought when I was in college the first time was a Volvo 245 wagon that was nearly as old as I am and spent its life in Massachusetts (rust!). My reasoning for a wagon, besides I don't give a rat's @&& that it's "uncool"(*) is that I can get the utility of a truck/SUV plus the mileage and comfort of a car. It was also a car I could easily work on myself, RWD, and insurance rate friendly for its safety(**).

The thoughts of a new B-body wagon then was way out of the question, and still had been (has always been out of my budget), until I ran across this one. I'm sure that down the line (like when I start making real money again), I'll end up with an extra or two, though. :D

-- Kane ... and today, the passenger side P/W just broke - oh joy!

(Welcome to b-body ownership, right? Yeah, I've read up the repairs already ... it's no biggie.)

* - Of course what goes around comes around. Wagons are coming back in style, albeit called 5-doors or crossovers nowadays.

** - Sadly, this was tested one evening. Other driver in Civic ran a red going 50mph. Subsequently, my Volvo was 2-ft shorter and the front end twisted 18" to the right. After spinning a 180 through the intersection, I checked that I was still in one piece, opened the door, and got out ...

As for her car ... there was nothing left on the passenger side from the front to the C-pillar. Scariest thing was that she had her 5-year old in the front passenger seat, of which only 1/3 remained after the accident. Both were carted away in an ambulance ... she's lucky she's survived.

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