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NOS' tech department sent me this chart to decide which jets to use for the LT1 with a single fogger nozzle.

Single Fogger Wet system HP ratings:

N2O / Fuel

34/18 40HP
37/22 50HP
39/24 60HP
41/26 70HP
43/28 80HP
46/30 100HP
52/33 125HP
61/38 150HP

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Does anyone have the NX jet-hp figures for the LT1 kit?
My kit didnt come with any and i need them.
The only jets i got were a #52 and a #35 so that should be a rich 100+ HP~ I think...

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Hey Cheston,

Those HP numbers are somewhat overrated, and the fuel jets are rich. For example, you should see around 100hp with a 52/31 combo and around 80hp with a 46/28.

Here are some simple formulas to get approximate numbers for wet fogger systems and a safe fuel ratio in the 50 to 150hp range:

Jet size X Jetsize X 0.038 = HP N2O (@ 1000psi)
Jet size X Jetsize X 0.105 = HP Fuel (@ 43psi)
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