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Hi guys.
first let me ask a few questions.
1- is it safe to install NOS on a motor with 132K miles on it?

2- what kit from NOS, or Nitrous works, or Nitrous xpress is the one that I should be considering? ( meaning if there's one that's specifically made for the LT1)

3- my car's running strong, REAL strong, is there anything else that should be changed along with the nitrous system? ie, injectors, fuel pump, etc...

4- should I consider wet or dry system?

5- there's a NOS kit #5151 ( fogger) system that I can get right now for $400, will this kit work? is the price good? it's used btw, owner says it came off of an LT1 ( I think it might have been a camaro or something else, not SS)

I also have an opportunity to get the NOS system that taps into the runners ( individual ports?), the one where there's different amount per cylinder, I have a favor owed to me and I can cash in on this if it's the right choice, what do you guys think?



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the last few nitrous systems that I have worked on have been built from parts available from the local speed shop so I cannot comment on brands and part #s but I have seen an Impala with 124k run 12.7's with a converter slicks and a BIG shot of nitrous so I would say if the fuel system is in good shape and you use all the safety devices you should not have any problems


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