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Not Car related but Authentic Adidas Lakers Jerseys GP

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Can get a local hook up on authentic Adidas LA Lakers jerseys. These are brand new complete with tags.Can get anyone u want, just let me know. Same ones that
are sold in stores and online for upwards of $180. Can also get other players from other teams. Some are not available in the authentic adidas but are the swingman jerseys with name and number sewn on. Let me know if anyone is interested, if he doesn't have them in stock he will order them and will take 6-10 days to get em. Need to order 10 to get em at this price so im just throwing it out there. $75 on the authentics $60 for the swingmans.
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Lakers baby!! What would be the price if u get 10 or more?
Sorry forgot to put the price. $75 for the adidas authentics and $60 for the swingman jerseys.
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