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Email from a reformed hater:

"OK .. I finally got a chance to read HIS posts on the other forum. The link
that he listed didnt work. As a friend, I would have to say that you should
"do the right thing" and give him his money back. He has you on the "self-
aligning" part. Thats a misrepresentation, if they are not. The scratches
came from them being shipped to you, and we both know that they have
not been "installed" and technically "havent been out of the box", but they
dont LOOK like that. Make it right with him, or your conscience will get to you
over time - you ARE a God fearing boy remember? "What would Jesus do?"



I'm no Paul, so don't go adding this to the end of Revelation, but here's what I think He would do:

I'm going to pay back the full amount, including shipping, and let him keep the rockers. To someone who is trying to ruin my reputation in front of friends (internet friends or not), I am going to give him what he wants, and some. It's a commission we are all called to do by Jesus.

I've requested that Arrow comment on this post AFTER he receives the money. Also HACK, to give us members an explanation to why he deleted my name without notifying me.

Thanks to the conviction and accountability of two friends (One in Heaven, and one in heaven on earth) I know this is what should be done, regardless of my opinions about the issue. Arrow made it clear that it wasn't about the money by his actions, and now I'm making it clear that it's not about the money with My actions.

God Bless.

Back to the engine...

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The reason Hack deleted your name is because I PM'd him (advice from another member here) with the information.

I can honestly say I am completly suprised at the turn around. Thank you for doing the right thing. I deleted my post about you. The slate is clean in my eyes, you made good on the bum deal. thank you (again).

Im glad its over because I didnt like any of it. Good luck with your wagon...
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