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I saw this ad on Ebay and happened to be in Philly, so I went and picked one up. Wes is a good guy and a tire wholesaler (huge warehouses full of tires). $75 cash and carry. These are all lefts, but the tread pattern is such that I would not hesitate to use it on the right side. Mine is a spare, but if I needed tires I would buy (4).

I have a set on my car now and love them. No good for wet weather, but a solid set of performance tires.

I told him I would put his info on our site. If you call him let him know you saw the ad on the Impala Forum and tell him I sent you (Tim Swink).....215-745-1400

NOTE: Date codes on the tires were 06 and 07 on the tires we saw. He has about 30 of these.
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