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NOVEMBER 2014 voting thread!

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1. BigBlackBeaSSt.

2. ekm1190

3. Littleflav

4. iowaSSfan

5. chris96coprice

6. Jimplala95

7. jr6784


9. jking1118
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Wow. Jking has three wins under his belt already...
How do I vote??

I cant figure out how to vote? I want to vote for that. #6Jimplala95
There ya go King, I stuffed the ballet box for ya :)
I cant figure out how to vote? I want to vote for that. #6Jimplala95
I thought I remembered reading something about having a minimum post count to be able to vote on ROTM, to help with fake accounts voting up a car. I just double checked the rules and didn't see it there, maybe admin can confirm or deny?
I'm not sure what the minimum number of posts are, but to do anything like vote or post for sale ads on the phone there is a minimum number of posts required.

Looks like jking wins again.... although I'll have to investigate that ballot stuffing mentioned above. we'll be sorted out by the end of the day.
Thank you everybody for the votes!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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