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nx customer service is useless. never returns my emails nor my phone messages and refuse to pickup during business hours.

1)does a NOS blow down tube work with a 15lb NX bottle? are the nipples interchanglable (my nx blow down tube was recently bent)

2)are NOS and NX jets interchangable? do they use the same number system? i have only seen the stock nx jets and are familiar with them only.

3)will a 15lb NOS blanket work with a 15lb nx bottle? (since the 15lb nx bottle is long and skinny)

4)best place to buy a 15lb blanket for my nx bottle? (and any other nitrous accessories)

thanks in advance. i'll be at VMP this weekend. can't wait to break 13's for the first time (if possible of course)

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Try contacting Jon Phillips @ 888 289 6261. He is supposed to be the most knowledgeable NX dealer out there.
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