For $170 - paypal, or USPS Money Order - once I have your OBD1 LT1 PCM, I'll tune it for you.

Your tune will include:
disabling the EGR Valve, if you like
disabling the PCM's VATS fuel cut, if you like
disabling the Charcoal Canister Vapor Purge, if you like
raising WOT Down- & Up-Shift, RedLine, Fuel CutOff, & Top Speed limitations
improving radiator fan performance and consistency, for less powertrain wear & tear
improving air fuel and spark protocols, for crisper throttle response and engine performance
improving transmission response and longevity by minimizing early upshifts and reluctant downshifts
improving transmission reliability and durability with higher clutch line pressures and quicker shift protocols
deactivating the torque converter clutch's PulseWidth Modulation so it engages more quickly and lasts longer
reactivating dormant overheat mitigation protocols to delay or lower the odds of warped heads if coolant flow is compromised

the disabling of ANY emissions device is for OFF-Road Vehicles ONLY!

Start a Conversation with me if you have any questions about getting tuned.