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October 2012's winner is....

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EKM has been taking some of the highest quality photos this forum has ever seen. And I knew...One day...He was gonna cinch this thing! He kept at it, and kept honing his skill...And then He lowered it and it was over! Congrats, bro, you beat some monsters this month!
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Hell, 38 Views -

- I'll go first. Very clean looking ride. The wheels tipped in for parking safety sends mixed signals for such a ballsy looking ride. :D Seriously, a great shot of a kept-stock-looking rig.

nice! btw how much did you lower? and how?
Congrats. AWESOME picture and nice, clean looking ride. I'm feeling the drop.
Congrats brother I knew u had this 1, if u are ever in Houston hit me up ill swap u wheels, but u got to help me get that killer stance!!!!!
Congrats bro! Very well deserved for a very well done car! Love that stance! Clean and Classy just how I like to see them!!
congrats bruh, it was only a matter of time, ride is looking tight and that stance is awesome
Congrats my brother! A very well deserved win, great pic, beautiful car!!!
Congrats Evan!
Thanks for the kind words guys!

SS Weet, it's about 2.5-3" lower now. Smaller tire size, 1" PPM daily driver series springs cut in the front (~1 3/4 coils). I'll be ditching the front springs soon for a much stiffer rate spring.

Big Lou, no problem! I'd love to hit a road trip to houston and meet with you guys. I'm sick of this cold weather!
This pic is perfect! The stance could not be better and loving the blacked out chrome trim. Great looking ride man!
nice!;) congrats
Nice car!! Nice win. Congrats!!!;)
Thanks for the compliments guys! :D gives me the much needed boost to keep spending money lol
Way to go!! Damn fine job.
Nice work. Keep spending $. Rescue the economy. Evan for President 2016!
BTW- that's two months in a row of relatively unmodded winners. Interesting. Are we getting to the point where we'd rather see our cars close to stock?
Super nice ride. I like the stock look of the SS.
Thanks a lot guys! :D

hahaha sonuvah i would be partial to all b-body owners if I were pres, free performance parts for all!
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