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October 2014 Ride of the Month Winner!

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Congratulations Nashsurecanpaint! You're are October's ROTM Winner!

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Thanks to everyone who supported me this month. There was a crazy amount of cars that deserved to win, i feel pretty lucky considering the competition.
I was robbed!!! By a wagon WAY NICER than mine... lol! :D
Nice job Nash. I loved that picture and saved it the first time I saw it.
I was robbed!!! By a wagon WAY NICER than mine... lol! :D
I'm not so sure mines nicer. I just happen to have a better picture. My cars honestly not that nice, although setting on the ground tucking chrome 20"s. looks bad ass. My cars actually a beat up rusty daily driver. Paint has scratches, dents, rust, etc. The engine is dirty, the driver seat is torn. the carpet is trashed and the cargo area is always full of car parts, feed for my farm animals or supplies from the lumber yard. So you didn't get beat by a nicer car. You and several others got robbed with a cooler picture.

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Lookin good as always Nash.:D That extra bag o leaves put you over the top....LOL!!;)
Congrats Nash!!! Well deserved win!
Congrads! Pic is awesome.
Awesome, that's what mine aspires to be. I have a similar plan, dark tint, painted sail panels, old skool wheels, a bit lower. Sweet ride.
Congrats! That pic has been floating around for almost a year now.
Glad you finally were eligible to submit it. It's an awesome picture.
Congrates man, sweet picture!
Nice ride!!

A man yo have a nice ride there...
yes it is bagged. If you search around a bit on the forum I have a thread of my car. "how I bagged my wagon" has tons of info and pictures of my car. Its not a show car like the pictures make it appear. I'm better with a camera than it is nice.

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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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