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Official 2016 ISSCA Nationals Thread! Who's gonna be the Big Dog this year?

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sorry it took so long to is what got sent to the membership a few weeks back...

Now, a lot of you are saying you're going, but WE NEED YOU TO SIGN UP NOW! Even if you aren't going, ISSCA still needs your support and you can support the event from afar with an awesome supporter package that gets you an event t-shirt and a goodie bag. But, the bottom line is we are behing on registrations (what's new, right?) because the Impala crowd always waits until the last minute to register. However this year it's important you register ASAP because we need to start sending deposits out and we don't want to have to cancel this kickass AIR CONDITIONED CAR SHOW event due to lack of motivation on everyone's part...

SPONSORS WANTED AND WELCOMED! So far we have Clear Image, Impala Mike, Three Pedals, Bryan Herter (PCMForLess), and many more...


May 4, 2016

Dear ISSCA Members Past, Present, and Future;

May the Fourth be with you! I just wanted to drop you all a note to let you know we are ‘ALL SYSTEMS GO, READY FOR LAUNCH’ for the 2016 ISSCA Nationals in New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s right, The Big Easy, NOLA, will host this year’s Nationals. We be kicking off Tuesday, July 26th and will continue through Saturday, July 30th. The ISSCA Board of Directors has been working hard to provide everyone with another great event and we can’t wait to see everyone there!

To give you an idea of the great events we have planned for you:

Tuesday, July 26th – REGISTRATION & CHECK IN plus possible Dyno & Tuning Day
Wednesday, July 27th – AUTO-X all day at NOLA
Thursday, July 28th – ROAD RACING all day at NOLA
Friday, July 29th – Drag Racing at No Problem Raceway at NIGHT plus possible Dyno & Tuning all day
Saturday, July 30thINDOOR, AIR CONDITIONED ISSCA Car Show, Sound Off, & Awards Banquet

As you can see it’s almost a full week of action. ISSCA Public Relations Officer Andrew Stewart claims you will be having so much fun it will probably take a trained medical professional days to wipe the smile off your face. Registration is in full swing, and we need your participation as always to make this another great event. We are keeping registration open until midnight, Thursday, June 30th but after that date we can’t guarantee a shirt in your size, so please get registered ASAP. The link is below. Last year’s event, by all accounts, was amazing, and we’ve upped the ante this year with a new location at another world class facility.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity (and reminder) to renew your 2016 ISSCA Membership! Please renew or rejoin now, your support helps keep the club going! If you’ve already done so, then thank you! We will be reinstituting the ISSCA SScene e-Magazine this year, another ISSCA member favorite, so stay tuned for information on that as well.

For all of you who would like to attend but might not have your car ready, or cannot make it at all but want to be part of the event in absentia, we have our very popular SSupporter Package. You will get an event goody bag and an event t-shirt with some great artwork mailed to you after the event (or pick it up in person at Nats). This supporter package is a great bargain at $49 including shipping and is a great way to be a part of the event (and also help support ISSCA) from wherever you are that week. Go to or more directly go to for the registration page.

For those of you not registered yet but are still on the fence, this is an amazing week that you don’t want to miss. Some say New Orleans is a bit stuffy that time of year so what did your friendly neighborhood ISSCA BOD members do? WE GOT YOU AN INDOOR CAR SHOWAND AWARDS BANQUET for after the car show! That’s right, we will be in the cool, comfortable Pontchartrain Center all day Saturday, July 30th! No heavy breathing, no stuffy air, just cool and relaxing indoor air conditioning while you admire everyone’s ride and clean yours up as well.

This year we will be road racing and autocrossing at NOLA Motor Sports Park . The road racing will be on a 2.75 mile world-class track that consists of 16 turns with a 3,360 foot straightaway. Designed with challenge and safety in mind, the track offers both the club level and professional driver an amazing experience. The best part is, you race at your own pace so all are welcome and encouraged to participate. Only one car will be on the track at a time so you can go as fast or as leisurely as you like. Trust me, this is a blast. It looks intimidating but once you are out there and try it you’ll be hooked. Not a single person has ever done it and said they were sorry they tried it. By the way - not a single traffic ticket has ever been given out for ‘going too fast’ on this private road course, so come on out and have a blast! Additionally, the day before we road race at NOLA we will be there for our autocross competition on a course set up by legendary champion SCCA autocrosser and ISSCA icon Carla “Red” Russo. Come out and see how good you are at killing cones like the rest of us! Also, back by popular demand, are the parade laps with a professional photographer shooting your car with amazing backdrops out on the track.

On Friday evening we will head over to No Problem Raceway, a highly rated drag racing facility known for their racer friendly attitude. Check them out: They will slot us in with their Test & Tune program so we will get to see some other really nice cars at the track along with our own Impala’s and other cool B-D Bodies. During the day on Friday we are working to get Bryan Herter from PCMForLess to do some dyno tuning for ISSCA members and their rides. More info on that coming shortly.

One final note - we realize that not everyone can get the whole week off from work. We purposely scheduled the car show/sound off/awards banquet on Saturday July 30th since it’s the most heavily participated event at Nationals each year. ISSCA fans that can’t make it during the week often come JUST for Saturday’s festivities and to see all the cars and ISSCA members in one spot. It’s a great day with a lot of B-Body camaraderie! The SSuper SSport package gets you in to the event and the car show and parade laps and a ticket to the banquet and access to all events for only $99. So come one and come all, it’s going to be another spectacular event and remember: ISSCA can’t do it without you!

Here’s hoping to see you July 26th - or any other time during the week!

Peace, love, and horsepower,
Bill DeBlasio - ISSCA President
email: [email protected]

NOLA - New Orleans Motorsports Park


No Problem Dragway - world renowned...


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