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Official Impala vs. Crossfire Thread

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Let's post all the crossfire bs from NATS here. This will be interesting.
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so me and IMPALO headed inside to use the bathroom last night just as the crossfire club was getting out of their meeting. as we walk into the bathroom and there are 2 of there guys in there talking about how there cars are a dropped platform and that they didnt get enough power just like those impalas. well as IMPALO walked past them he let lose a leg lifter fart on one of them and they continue talking. once i get in the stall IMPALO is out at the sink yelling RJ i love having a C**K dont you just love having a C**K just hold it while your in there and tell it you love it. needless to say the crossfire guys were outta there like a bat out of hell
this is cut/paste from their of tonight!
according to member "oledoc2u"

Now, since you Impala guys want to look in and brag about being the big bad bullies you think you's a little tid bit from the cop who's car was damaged to the tune of $ call yourselves car guys, bull****...I have been a bowtie owner my whole life, the crossfire is new to me, and I enjoy the **** out of it. I have time slips to prove what my two cars will do, as others do in our group. Too bad I wasn't around for the little talk you had in the parking lot. Now the truth is out, isn't it? There's pay back in the **** you started, and you can expect it...I drink beer, wear dirty tee shirts, drive trucks, but I wouldn't damage another man's car and run like the chicken **** this dirt bag was. You calling me out, just name the place and time...I arrived late on Saturday, for our club meeting and knew nothing of any run in's with your beloved club, and now you have a pissed off cop...we will meet again....bring your back and blues stick together...their is a local motor officer that belongs as well, and he is looking for the chicken **** who hit my aren't car guys, and I was enjoying the burnouts, none of us called the cops, as I was about to join in...I love to do holeshots...I'm not a suit wear'r or a wine drinker *******s...

comment #2 from "oledoc2u"

I just registered a complaint with corporate Marriott. I also informed the local hotel in Detroit my intent to sue for allowing the bull**** to go on. If they think they can walk around drunk in public, mouth off to people, which is harrassment in any state, and threaten people, well they are wrong. I will send a letter to the Chief of Police in Auburn Hills as well, as this officer was willing to overlook their bull****, until I found out Sunday morning all the bull**** they had started. I wasn't part of any of that, and my car ends up damaged. Now they are looking in on our forum to brag about their ******* bull****. No car club I have been around is anything like what I read over there...the war is on...The President of that club should be taking names right now...but, I don't think that will ever happen...but, they won't be back at that hotel...and if my friends in Auburn Hills find the *** that did this, and he is part of that club, they are getting sued as well...time to take responsibility for their bull****, our club would...

I know for damn sure that there isn't one of us here that would puposely damage a car that wasn't our own. we all have a love and respect for cars even if we don't like the car. I think its BS that this douche thinks its one of us automatically.

seriously dude.. 1. we wouldn't damage anyone elses property. we wouldnt want it done to us. 2. we sure as hell wouldn't sacrifice one of our cars to damage one of yours. 3. our pranks are usually of the childish nature such as drawing a penis on the windows of the cars. but thats as far as it goes even from the most mischievous of us!
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Which X-Fire forum was this on?

Ed Bowser

P.S. I'm a former X-Fire owner myself.
Here is the orginal thread (now closed). Drama starts on page 12.
Great read....Once again, a Mustang causing all the trouble :)
Great read....Once again, a Mustang causing all the trouble :)
In case you missed it, here is "our" side of the story. ;)
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