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I have a dynotech 3" driveshaft in my car and it hits the floorpan when the suspension is fully compresed (like when going over a bump in the road). I have already changed out to the polyurethane pinion snubber that GforceSS posted a while back. Now the problem I have is, the extended control arms caused the snubber to hit the front of the snout of the pinion housing where collar weight are. The end result is a pinion snubber that is chewed in half and doesent have the strength to hold the body up.
I know I can make a bracket to move the snubber back to where it will hit the pinion housing but does anyone make something that will solve my problem?
Thanks in advance.

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I found the post I mentioned to you at Mod Day. RJI posted in the thread: Rear End Bump Stop Problem w/Extended Links about Energy Suspension bump stop P/N 9.9150. The one Milt (GForceSS ) mentioned in the thread: Pinion Snubber Mod. is P/N 9.9101, that's the one installed on your car.

Here's how they stack up:
P/N 9.9101
2 1/8" tall, 2" dia. Two pieces per P/N

P/N 9.9150
2" tall X 2 1/4" long X 1 1/16" wide. 1" long stud with a 5/16" dia. locating pin at 1" offset. Two pieces per P/N

See more info on Energy Suspension's Bump Stop Page.

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