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Any members in dayton,ohio??
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Myself,and Mike Harris (1FAST94) for sure. Another forum member in Miamisburg may,or may not have sold his Impala. Cash for clunkers hit wagons in this area hard,and there just aren't many around anymore. Next week we will be in Detroit for the ISSCA nationals. There was an opportunity to pick up a registration from a member who can't attend. Feel free to send me a private message if you wish.
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Before you start yet another new club. How about supporting the one we already have. Have you joined ISSCA yet? We are in Detroit right now having a blast. Drag racing last Wed. Road racing on Thurs. Car show on Fri. And, the Woodward Ave. Dreamcruise all day today. People come from all over the country. We've been at St.Louis (3 times) Tulsa,Pocono,Vegas,Indy,and here in Detroit (3 times). You won't find a finer group of people,or find a more complete experience then at these events.
Clubs & Participation

I think you're referring to OASISS. If you are interested in a really active club I suggest/recommend MISSL (Michigan Impala SS Legends) they even have their own forum. They successfully organized both this years,and last years national event. GRAIL has a really good website with excellent technical content (St.Louis). Feel free to shoot me a PM anytime.
Many of us were in Charlotte,NC. just last week. Where were you?
Go to Welcome - Impala SS Clubs of America ,and click on "join us"...
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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