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Any members in dayton,ohio??
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dayton ohio!!!

:)Is there any wagon owners in my area?? Ive finally got me a 95 woody caprice, and when i tell people its been my dream car for years they always laugh.Ive got two 95 wagons now but the woody is my favorite. i would like to find others in my area that love wagons as much as i do. And on a different subject... after you join , do you get the cool stickers I seen on some of the pics, ive been a member for a couple of months and havent received anything yet. I hope to here back from some wagon lovers in my area.:)

I'm a new member in Dayton ,Ohio....:)

Thanks for the stickers Mike, I've always wanted an SS, but any low milage ones was out of my price range . But I love my caprice wagons ,and I'm proud to say that I'm FINALLY a member of ISSCOA, And thanks to Mike Harris and everyone else thats made my feel greatful to be part of this awsome club. :):D:):D
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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