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Ok what are the basics needed for running a supercharger?

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Ok saw an ad for a supercharger on craigslist and it made me wonder. The supercharger is an M122. I know how I can mount and make it work. But what little things would I need? I would be running 5-7 psi most times but up to 14 would be cool at times. I am figuring bigger injectors and a better fuel pump and a tune. Not looking for big numbers or even a specific number when it comes to HP. Just want a cool project that will net me more HP and look and sound cool. My car is just a cruiser but who doesn't want more. As for what I have now it is a 96 Federal Hearse. It has a stock LT-1 with a CAI with a cast elbow and TB vane. Also have the Hooker Super Competition headers and better mufflers. There is a tune on the computer for the engine and shifts on the transmission. Also have the 9.5 inch 14 bolt rear with Grizzly 4.10 gears plus a TruTrac diff. Just looking for basic needs not all out wants. Thanx for any help.
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