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On to Bigger and some what better things :)

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Well I liked my old rims that I had but I decided to try something different out. I got a bug in my ass after I got an extremely good deal on a set of Baer brakes, but they weren't for an Imp of Caprice, so after talking with Baer (the secret society that WILL not give you any information), I decided to sell the kit, which I am hoping it will be gone here rather quickly, after talking with Tobin @ Kore3 about it.

Anyway, I was checking out different wheels didn't know what I wanted, but I did want to do a big brake set, so I found a set of calipers off a 2010 grand sport that had rolled off a truck at freeway speed. I got them for a VERY good price. One has some marks on it from the accident, but oh well, nothing a little touch up can't take care off.

So then I decided I would just go with the Z06 theme on my car, I could get the wheels pretty cheap, yeah I would have to run spacers, but who cares really, if they are designed right, there should be no problems with them. I bought a pair of spacers from Alex @ PCM performance he had laying around from Fred Goeske @ Anyway I knew these were made right, they are 3 inch adapters, but it would give me leeway if I had to cut them down at all. You will see why here in a second.

So after scouring the C6 forums, I located a set of wheels, chrome, from an 09 Z06, 18X9.5 in the front and 19X12 in the rear. After talking with the gentleman selling them, he wanted to part with the Goodyear supercar tires as well, with 900 miles on them. I got them at a steal.

Anyway I don't have the front mocked up yet as I want to get the brakes done then dink with the wheels and tires and make sure all the measurements are the same.

Here are the brakes. 6 piston front 4 piston rear, I will be using most of Tobin's stuff to complete the installation..

Here is a shot of the front calipers going on, same as the Z06 just in silver instead of red.

Rear tire size

Here is the rear wheel mocked up with the 3 inch spacer, you will see that there is plenty of room from frame to tire, I am going to cut 1/2 inch off the spacer to start, if I don't like how it sits in the fender I will notch the frame and bring it under further. I was pretty afraid as I didn't know if I would like them or not, but I think that they are going to come out pretty good.

Picture is deceiving but there is about 3/4 of inch of space in there.

How it hangs out right now

rear view
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Maybe just another thing to upgrade if that happens. I thought Mr. Harris was running a stock rearend in his car?! I think it will be fine, my engine is pretty warn, it is just a cruiser LOL
Launching an auto trans car and launching a manual trans car are two very diff things.

I did some dev testing on a 8.6" 10 bolt equipped vehicle. On stock tires and 2.1 sec 60's we measured 7400 ft-# spike torque on the axles. A hard launch on a T56 trans equipped vehicle with similar 60' times we were seeing 11500 ft#, so nearly 35% higher peak loads. We broke several axles, but in every place other than where the manufacturer said the weakest link was..

1 spun the carrier on the tubes, sheared the slug welds.
2-3 of them hillbilly'd the ring gear (missin teef)
2 broke the differential unit

Never broke an axle shaft though, and that was supposed to be the fuse...

Oh, and I strongly recommend you notch. You will eventually rub the frame even if you are running urethane CA bushings. There are 3 kinds of guys that run this wide with no notch.

1) guys that rub the frame eventually
2) guys that rub the wheelhouse eventually
3) guys that won't admit it, or have not not looked to see how much they rubbed.

Good thing you are saving $2-300 on smokes, you'll need them for Caprice shoes.. It will look bitchin though.
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I decided last night that I am going to get a spacer for the front between 1 inch to 1.2 inches. I would like to get it around 1 inch I think, but I would have to trim the wheel studs, not a huge deal. I will have to take a shot at the front of the car looking down and you will be able to see what I am talking about. With a 2 inch unit up there, it is too far out. I will have to see if I can make a 1 inch spacer/adapter work, as I may run into some interference with the hub and the new wheel if it is that shallow, 1.3 inch spacer I wouldn't have to trim the studs and I think that it would think that it would be ok, but I would like to have a little more wiggle room.

Got it, clear as mud right LOL

Maybe look at a simple spacer, not an adapter. ARP 7703 wheel studs a 12x1.5 and ~1.1" longer than stock. Takes the same diameter on the knurl, though they are a tight fit (spec is on the high side of the tolerance). I just picked up a set for the 9c1 axle I just put in my 79 last weekend. If you are hovering in the 1" range, this is a good option.
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