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so here is my Question You used a 3" Spacer on the rear but state your car is a Caprice Not an Impala SS. So Im guessing on an impala ss you would need a Thicker spacer as the rear end is not as wide? Only asking because I have a 94 SS and I just picked up some Z06 wheels when I mocked it up (No adapters / Spacers Yet) I seem to be at 3.25" for a spacer But Im unsure Im 100% right. No notch car is on Eibach 1" Lower springs other than that stock. I got the wheels and tires stupid cheap off a Corvette guy that was moving and just wanted them gone lol. Now trying to finger out how to make them work on the rear (Fronts a no brainer)
121 - 121 of 121 Posts
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