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Having read all the information on the Ceramachrome, Jet-Hot, etc. header/manifold coatings...I ran across this in the POR-15 information site.

Anyone used it? What do we have to lose, or gain, vs. the aforementioned coatings for external and appearance protection? I get the impression it is money wasted. I would have to abrasive blast the stainless headers for good adhesion, according to the application instructions.

Please check it out...

"This Aluminum high temperature paint is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1400 F, POR-20 is also extremely weather, salt and moisture resistant. Helps prevent cracking, chipping, and peeling.

You will be excited by its performance and beauty. We guarantee this to be the most brilliant, uniform heat resistant coating available anywhere. Can be brushed or sprayed."

8oz................ $19.75Pint................ $32.50


Note the .pdf documents on application instructions and the MSDS sheet.


Richard Snipes
4501 Safari in Jax, FL
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