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keep in mind im in school and dont have much money so this is what i was able to come up with. just want some opinions on how to get it sounding goooooooood. thanks for input

ok went to Circuit City got me this

HEADUNIT= Sony’s Xplod® 50 x 4-watt (peak) CD receiver! Featuring CD-R/RW playback, it also has the EQ3 3-band equalizer

AMP=Sony Xplod 480-watt 2-channel amp, featuring a variable 50–300Hz low-pass filter and 40Hz adjustable boost.

SUBS=Sony Xplod 10's= Each sub can handle up to 650 watts of peak power, and boasts a 10” compound polypropylene cone and foam surround.

Box is a Q-Logic seperate sealed chamber

6x9=Sony Xplod two-way 6” x 9” speakers boast 220 watts of maximum power handling. The HOP woofer cones are light yet super-strong--ensuring quick response and low distortion--and the 2 5/8” tweeters deliver smooth, detailed highs.

We bridged the the subs but now i want to know should i stay with the box or go with a ported box.
the subs bang but will it bang harder with a ported box or should i just keep the box i have now.

p.s. i got a buddy who works at Circuit City so i got the discount on all this stuff.
up next ALARM
kinda went on a Xplod rampage
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