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Options to AWD/4WD a B-Body Wagon

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This is totally serious. There's been musings about this on this forum in the past, and I remember reading about at least one frame swap that was done. I've got 3 (4?) B-body wagons in my driveway, most in reasonable shape. I'd love to convert one of them to AWD or 4WD to use as a winter warrior. So what would be viable options to achieve that goal?

Things I've considered:

- find an Astro/Safari AWD subframe and weld it in place of the front section of the B-body frame

- find a pickup/SUV frame with a similar wheelbase and re-body it

- buy a Dodge Magnum instead

The first option seems like it would retain a reasonable ride height, whereas the second one seems like it would require a significant lift. I would prefer to retain a stock-ish ride height with stock-sized wheels and tires, even if there's a change in wheel stud circle diameter involved.

The 3rd option is boring, but probably the most cost-effective.

Are there any other options I'm not thinking of?
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It would require some welding

and by some I mean a lot
Could always build a tubular frame will AWD provisions built in :)
If you have to ask that question you aren't made out for this kinda job :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Joking aside you will have to fab something. Cut the stock frame up and work it ground up.
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Let's be real an Arctic Master is way cooler than an Allroad
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Ah gotcha

I thought you were just making an Urus joke
The allroad weighs almost as much as a Roadmaster.
Only Audi I ever worked on was a 2008 A4 that I had to replace a catalytic converter. Farmed out that job real effin quick.
My sister has a 2011 A3 TDI. It has had every single emissions component replaced under warranty more than once. I am ready for her to sell the car to me so I can make it lose weight. I would love that car tuned.
@Caddylack To replace that cat you have to drop the subframe iirc. There was something about it was that so infuriating for such a small part with the whole reason being there is a strap to the transmission from the cat that you can't get a wrench on and you can't cut it (I think you are supposed to cut it or something) Anyway retarded.

Also when I said lose weight that is EPA code for diesel delete.
If you had a manual trans apparently the job was easy though. Too bad it was not.
The belt tensioner on the A3 was also an impossible task, well not one I wanted to do at least, I can't remember exactly what it was but the way that the tensioner is in the block I have no idea how to remove it. Should have been easy, it was not.
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