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Is there nothing up here? -Josh
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There are still several of us around the NW with B-bodys. Unfortunatley it has been somewhat difficult the last couple years to get people together but we try. Clay (Smoothie?) lives in Olympia and he's been our "representitive" for ISSCA. I have no idea if he is still active since our PSSST group has more or less disolved. He does try and attend if we set something up. I try to get the group together once every couple months which usually consists lunch at a restraunt or a BBQ at my place. For the most part we are a good bunch of guys but getting people to show can be hard.

Recently Fred (Rufrax?) in the wagon section moved across the country and now resides in the Pacific NW. He set up a Wagon Fest West and it went well.

If you want to try and set up an INC chapter for this area - by all means go for it. There are a few of us Diehards that do what we can to help and promote our addictions :).

Good luck and keep us posted,
I'm always willing to show up for a gathering if I am available. I normally try and set something up every other month but have been lacking in my duties. I do have a running car now but it might be going to a shop for paint in the next month or so.

I looked at your shop's address and noticed where you are. I work 2 blocks away on 132nd. Maybe next week I'll go for a walk and drop by. I am not on facebook but I'll have a look through my wife's account over the weekend. The monthly meets have been all over - from Tacoma, Buckley, Everett, Lynnwood, Mount Vernon and Auburn. I think in the past few years I've set up most of the events although it is open for everybody to give it a go. I've even had the group to my place in Granite Falls for a BBQ a couple times.
Cool man! Well since you seem to be well known up here in the bbody community would you mind if I were to add you as another main point of contact? Come by the shop anytime. Just hit me up before you come thru. Sometimes im out on the road. 425 894 8822
Are you going to be around the shop today around lunch time? It's not supposed to rain and I thought I'd go for a walk. I have no problem giving you my info for another POC.

1 - 4 of 46 Posts
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