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Is there nothing up here? -Josh
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Well there should be. We should start one!!!
I was in San Diego for 4 years and hung out with some of those guys.

So 9SEA1 you starting up a Northwest INC? Did you talk to anybody in INC to ensure they are cool with that?

I have not. who would i talk to? and thats cool that you know some of the people from Inc, That may be a step in the right direction as far as starting up a North West group. Would you be interested in doing something like this? I have been a forum member for a lil while now and have a lot of time spent here. I would love to get something going to represent our corner of the map and support our love for these cars. networking with others like this can be beneficial too.

Just let me know who I gotta talk to, I'm a fairly busy guy with family, work, school, etc. So any help or points in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

And as for the Inc logo on my sig, I just made it up real quick just to see if there is anyone else interested in getting it going. I totally understand the whole talking to the existing and current members of Inc for the permission to extend the family tree.
thanks for the tip blak iice. yeah i would love to get something going for all of us NW big body riders. and about the interior shop, yes i am the business owner. its my business called Adrian's Auto Upholstery.
well i have no experience in running a car club at all. however my love for these cars has me hooked for life. i am not sure about all the things associated with running a club either. i am pretty busy with school, family, work and running my own business which i started this year (thank you Jesus). but i should be done with school mid way next year so id have a lil more free time then. first and formost id like to get the go ahead to create an Inc chapter. and no dubs it stands for impalas and caprices. i am not sure how many of us are out there willing to support a car club here in the NW but i would love to see it happen. ive been seeing these inc guys since i registered on this forum, and i like how they do things and support eachother.

blak iice, pm me or email me thru my business email for more info. [email protected]
if you have the leather already i can hook you up.
oh yeah i forgot about pssst. i remember seeing it a while ago when i firsr registered here. im not all to familiar with it but i do remember. puget sound is my area tho, so im not sure it would really represent the whole NW, but i could be wrong. ill check it out when i get a chance. by the way SICK wagon!!!
I think I remember a couple forum memebers that were in PSSST. I havent been on the forum for about 2 years until recently. So im not sure if theyre still active here or not. I also looked up Inc and found a forum board for Inc members and I posted a thread about a possible NW Inc chapter.
Hey whats up guys? So I have been trying to get a INC North West chapter started and I have as of today gotten the go ahead from the main contacts of INC. I would love to make a bbody meet happen. Please comment here or contact me personally via pm/call/text/email and please check out thr facebook page I created for the Impalas N Caprices NW. Lets get a solid loyal base of members to secure a chapter up here in the NW!


425 894 8822
[email protected]
SSQUATCH whats up man?! Sounds good. I setup a facebook page for the INC Seattle prospect chapter. So far the progress is great! Email me a pic of your ride so I can post it up. Where are the monthly meets usually at? Im down to get something setup. Hit me up any time. In the meantime checkout the page

Cool man! Well since you seem to be well known up here in the bbody community would you mind if I were to add you as another main point of contact? Come by the shop anytime. Just hit me up before you come thru. Sometimes im out on the road. 425 894 8822
For all you guys that are interested in being apart of this INC Seattle please find the page @

Or you cal email me, call or text me, pm me here on the forum or reply to this thread.

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yeah I should be.there just hit me up before hand. Sounds good!

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