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Is there nothing up here? -Josh
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LOL guess not :D -Josh
OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :D -Josh
I guess not. This tread has been up for awhile and nobody from the club has said anything. -Josh
I was in San Diego for 4 years and hung out with some of those guys.

So 9SEA1 you starting up a Northwest INC? Did you talk to anybody in INC to ensure they are cool with that?
Well i would love to get something going up here whether its INC or ISSCA (not really sure if they are the same or what INC stands for) But i dont know how much i can do. I would like to get more info on how their club is ran and what the by-laws are. The reason i say this is because i am really busy with work, school, minitruck, impala, wagon, making parts for these cars and Being a president of a minitruck club. I am not sure if i am up to the task of being a president in 2 clubs and i dont think it would be fair to other members because the lack of time i could put in. On the other hand, if you would like to be president and could put some time into this i would be willing to back you up as VP as long as INC is ok with us building a chapter. -Josh
I dont know how much experience you have with running a car club but i thought that it would be cool to start our own club up here. What do you think? It is alot of work because you have to come up with a logo, by laws, meeting spots, officers, and what we are going to call ourselves. Mabe i am over thinking this but in minitruckin people take clubs very serious like biker gangs :). So what do you think? Some ideas i have thought of WOBBLE - Washington/Oregon B-Body Lovers and Enthusiasts. Just a thought -Josh
Well man lets get something going. -Josh
Any INC members wanna let us know who to contact? Thanks -Josh
Huh, i have never heard of them. Are they still around? Active? -Josh
Hey thanks Dan. I didnt realize that you were here in the NW. Hmmmm sounds like i need to roadtrip and check out the shop if you are ok with that. -Josh
1 - 11 of 46 Posts
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