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Any recent movement on this PNW club? I am recently back to WA after 27 years of traveling and am a member of TRIC (Tidewater Regional Impala Club).

I am presently working out near Walla Walla, but am willing to make the trip to wherever a meet would be.

My current stable is a 96 and 67 Impala, 07 Charger SRT8, 05 Ram 1500 and a 91 HD. The 96 is being sold in VA, so the 67 is my B-body of choice. It is currantly in the planning stage of a Resto-Mod into a 427SS with a new LS7(7.0), Tremec 5-speed and upgraded suspension.

Sure would like to meet some Impala people in the great Pacific Northwest.


1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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