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If you complained about the paint failing within a certain amount of years when the car was new (I forget how many months paint is covered for) you COULD of gotten a free warranty paint job.

In 2010, No one is going to get a free-o paint job on one of these cars. Too much time has passed.

Clear coat peeling/ fading is very common on these cars. The paint formula was very poor. The 91-3 willow-run cars seem to be worse peelers. Same goes for the seam sealer that was used, Cheap stuff! Now a days GM paint is much better. If you live in a area with cloudy sky's it may last longer. If its sunny where you live, Forget it, goodbye paint.

I learned something living here. Its not necessarily the SUN that burns up the paint, Its WATER. When you get that morning dew on your car its basically 100,000's (maybe more) magnifying glasses burning holes in the clear coat once the sun comes out. Wax just fills in those holes so the paint will have a chance lasting a little bit longer. Once the damage is done, No wax is going to help. In an abusive climate with acid rain, Heavy downpours and high tempertures, No wax is going to last for long.
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