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P1351 Code on '96 Impala

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This was my dad's favorite car, even over the '86 or so BMW 735i that he owned for a while and which was a damn nice car for a plumber/small business owner to be driving. I inherited it when he passed and have been driving it for the last year or so in the warmer months. It only has around 73k on it, I think. However, it shows its age quite a bit since it spent most of its life ungaraged and my dad wasn't exactly into polishing his rides.

Last year, when I was trying to get it back on the road after it died on me in a parking lot, I threw some parts at it as a way to compensate for my lack of diagnostic abilities. The issue turned out to be a simple coolant temp sensor causing my no-start or start-and-die condition. Before figuring that out, I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit, fuel filter, and ignition control module. Possibly the ignition coil as well, I can't recall. While replacing the ICM, the several grounding terminals that are secured to the bracket for the ICM and bolted to the head broke. They had corroded together and when the bolt turned, they turned and snapped off. Finally, I took someone's advice and used some spacers to get the ICM module away from the head to reduce the temperature that the unit is exposed to.

After I did this, I started getting an error code P1351, Ignition Control Circuit Voltage High. I was able to clear the code and get an inspection sticker, but it came back. Since the car was running fine, I just drove it up until December with the light on. Now that the warmer weather is returning, I need a new sticker and to address this error code.

Obviously, what I did to the ICM seems likely to be related to the code, since it didn't appear until after my monkeying around. Due to my aforementioned poor diagnostic skills, I'm not sure what the issue might be. Is anyone here familiar with this code and the remedy?



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