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P1371 WTF

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Ok here's my situation on my 96. Getting a code P1371 which can be the ICM thats a new ac delco by the way or it could be the crank sensor but its been already deleted out the pcm. I Started it up after sitting for a month or so,let it warm up then shut it off and tried to start it up again minutes later and the first attempt it wouldn't start and battery died on me??? Jumped it thinking its the battery was dead but it just kept on turning over. I unhooked the battery then started and still nothing...? Then I unhooked the ICM then it started right up? So my question is could a new ac delco go bad or would a low battery set that code p1371 to think it was a bad icm????
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Just from what's posted:
-What prompted replacement of the ICM in the first place?
-IC and ICM are often replaced together. Were they?
-Old baked wiring from the IC and ICM are a known 'thing'
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Well at the time was chasing why my car didn't want to crank. That was 2 years ago but ended up being my coil but just wanted to replace all my stuff knowing it was all new ac delco stuff for extra insurance of knowing
I think a bad battery causing this code
Ok problem solved. A bad battery will set that code off
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