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Resurrecting what seems to e the most detailed progression of the "going non-LCA mount rear sway bar" threads, but it's probably losing some visibility hidden in the Wagon Section:

I was debating whether to simply tack onto the suspension stickie, but here's a NEW thread on the old topicc. So, with all those alibis cleared here's my solution for the rear. My primary motives in all this is how to ratchet up handling and responsiveness while maneuvering, but without entirely losing that floaty Cady experience on the interstate on my 'new' FWB. The solution on my old gray car was basically swapping in all the riding gear from my Impala SS, plus Konis and Airlift bladders. That ended up with un-pleasurable understeer, so I paired up a second SS rear bar to the first. The end result was delightful, - and cheap. And not nearly so locked down as the F-body front and HO rear on my SS.

Setting up my new dd I'll be retaining the wimpy FE-1 coils all around for a good base, then adding Koni shocks and Airlifts again. I also snagged some sweet METCO LCAs, but I have been reading scads about how the GM design for mounting the sway bar laterally loads and excessively torsions the LCAs. The Panther body bar is a no-brainer, cheap, effective and with two opened holes in the frame it's a bolt-in.

I'll be swapping to an SS front bar (actually passed on a free F-body bar, thanks RESSCUED), so the only decision-point at this point is how to best dial in a little overall oversteer. Go with the 17mm, or the 21mm rear Panther bar?
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