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Park Brake Lever Boots--rear disc

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This one fell out with the data crash of a year ago.

GM B-body rear disc park brake major repair kit

Brake Parts List / Technical & Maintenance Information

(from salvaged thread)
*PARK BRAKE LEVER BOOT* - availability info can be found in the Impala SS Brake Forum and at RMS Auto Parts

There is no GM PN for the BOOT, which is not available from GM except in Major Repair Kit 18021516 (above).


While the Park Brake major repair kit is available and includes boots, it is also possible to get just the boots.

Kit - 2 boots & 4 retainer screws

Check or M.O. $16.50 delivered

PayPal $17.15 delivered

Please e-mail or PM me if interested.
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Actually found the whole kit with shoes for 220 so i ordered it thank you for your assistance
Might I ask where you found the whole kit from?
Well I hate to be the one to tell you but they most likely do not have that part to sell you. They are what we call a GM Catalog lister. They list every part in the catalog without ever knowing if it is actually available from GM or not. They take the order and then place it with GM and once it gets cancelled by GM days or weeks later they refund your money and never tell you why you are getting the refund. I just had my parts guy check and other then Hamilton Chevrolet there is not another single dealership in the GM system that shows having that part number. Hamilton is pricey but I can tell you that they paid a premium for the part from an outside source and they DO have it in stock. Best wishes that you get what you ordered but if they cancel it at least this should explain why it got cancelled. Your best bet is probably to get the parts from Navy Lifer as this is his area of expertise.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts