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Parking lights not working

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Hi everyone, weird issue. My parking lights don't seem to be working when I turn them on. The same lights work when the hazards are on / signaling to turn. Not sure why the parking lights themselves are not working. Blubs look good, should/which blubs should I replace?
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Thanks @Fred Kiehl you have one for sale? Or can point me to the correct replacement?
I hear noise but will check the fuses.
@storm9c1 fuse is fine, replaced bulbs, looking at the switch itself next, unless I should check somewhere else.
I have the twilight sentinel

no alarms no trailer hitch wiring
I guess switch is next up to replace.
Sorry @Z09B4U but, I think I described the issue I am encountering at the beginning, never did I mention anything about dash lights being out or tail lights. I have checked all my fuses. While I am very appreciative for all the assistance, for you to make the assumption I am not taking the advice from other is not accurate.

This is why we come here for help. If you perform a search of this similar issue, you do not find much if any who posted the similar issue and followed up with an actual resolution.
@Z09B4U Appreciate the help, Im good...........................
Hey guys, I have a ground issue. I confirmed this by using my test light touched bare metal and the test light lit up. I also noticed on the fuseblock some of the fuses lit up the opposite way meaning the test l
I think I have a short, I misspoke on the heading.
Morning all, I'm still trying to fix my issue where my parking lights (amber) don't come on. They will only flash when the headlights are on and I need to signal to change lanes. But they do not turn on when I simply want to drive with my parking lights on or on when I have the headlights on.

The dash lights are not working either. I have replaced the dimmer module under the driver-side dash, but that didn't fix the issue. I have tested fuses, and nothing is blown, and as far as I recall I have not made any changes that involved electrical. I have looked through other posts, and none seem to be similar to my issue, and it's been resolved.

Id likes to drive my imp at night without having to turn on the dome light to see my gauges.
Bummer, Going to backtrack now. The only thing I can think of is I changed my door speakers. May be a wire got grounded somewhere.
@Fred Kiehl Would the fault affect bother circuits?
Where should I start, in regard to troubleshooting? Changed builds, parking, and corner, happy to check those again. Replaced the dimmer module under the dash, no luck with either.
Hey guys, Im at my wits end with this issue Im having for a few months now. 1995 DCM is the patient.

Parking lights not working. only come on when signaling. Not on with the head lights. Bulbs replaced. checked fuses. Looked at the twilight sentinel and did the soldering fix, no change.

I also changed that resistor that is located under the das, nothing.

Should I replace the headlight switch now and or the twilight sentinel box? I have scoured post and tried many of the purposed fixes which hasnt help me.

A few wiring diagrams have been shown, which isnt a strong suit, but I guess I may have to go down that route.
@jayoldschool aside from what I have mentioned what is your recommendation on what I should look at?
Parking lights are fixed. Next up, dash lights @jayoldschool ok to create a new post since the title is regarding driving lights???
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