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Parking lights not working

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Hi everyone, weird issue. My parking lights don't seem to be working when I turn them on. The same lights work when the hazards are on / signaling to turn. Not sure why the parking lights themselves are not working. Blubs look good, should/which blubs should I replace?
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I would look at the switch.
IE: check fuses, check that the wires are supplying power to and from the switch.

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IF, I repeat IF you find a blown fuse you MAY(no guarantee) have a bad bulb. look for one that is damaged.
Again IF the fuse is blown you could take out all the bulbs and see if the fuse does not blow.

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you have one for sale? Or can point me to the correct replacement?
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I guess switch is next up to replace.
Yes you are just guessing.

I have the twilight sentinel
The diagrams in the 94 FSM seem to show that the twilight sentinel can turn on the park lamps independently of the head light switch. (the switch and relay are in parallel)

I've never heard of these switches failing this way. But I guess it's possible. That's why I wanted to eliminate other variables
So if the headlight switch AND the twilight sentinel do not turn on the park lights there is a VERY low probability replacing the headlight switch and twilight sentinel controls will help.

Let's get some details clarified here because I can't read minds nor do I have your car:
"Noise" as in the "ding ding ding"? (note: this only dings with the key off)
"Noise" in your context could also mean the switch clicks. Just making sure.
Is the switch only in first click -- "P" position?
Are the dash lights on?
And NONE of the outside lamps are on?
People are taking the time to try and help you and you do not seem to care enough to answer simple but important questions.

If you do not have park lights(front and rear separately fused), no dash lights, and no cornering lights:

There are two high probability solutions. You have a blown ext LPS fuse or a bad wire or connection. This is easily tested.

What is a low probability is both the park switch and the twilight sentinel controls have both failed at the same time.

If all the lights have failed(dash, cornering and park) AND twilight sentinel and headlight switch do not work it may be a wiring fault or fuse.
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Thread title:
Parking lights not working

My parking lights don't seem to be working when I turn them on.

The headlight switch and the twilight sentinel control the park light circuits. GM describes the three circuits as int dim(instrument), fwd lps, and rr t lps(AKA "tail lamps")

By GM definition and common conciseness park and "tail lights" describe the same thing.

I think I described the issue I am encountering at the beginning, never did I mention anything about dash lights being out or tail lights.
Yet you have been asked twice now.
Tell us what YOU think park lamps are?
Check out Henry '06's last thread about this same issue.

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