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k, ive decided to part out my wagon, i just dont have time to finish it, and have kinda lost interest in the whole custom scene at this point in my life. heres what i got, `93 caprice wag. ex-wood car, 5.7 and tranny, stock rear-end, stock steelie wheels. got all the glass, all the doors, the front drivers door has some damage inside the jamb, but exterior wise its fine. the body is off the frame so i can get just about anything. im broke right now so if you want to get something youll have to pay shipping. still have the dash and steering rack. all electronics. all my springs are cut. my tailgate is pretty much thrashed as of now, it fell out of the trailer on the way to my house. have a luggage rack and all parts that go with it except the sliding rails. and i have a bunch of tan interior parts. I live in eastern iowa in muscatine. if none of this sells im just gonna junk the car. my email is [email protected]. Or my home phone is 1-563-263-0926, noone answers just leave a message. lemme know if you guys need anything.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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