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Pay at the gate or ....

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Hi all, I know the online registration is now off. Is it still possible to get the $80 registration and $35 competiton prices?

I've read on this forum that registration for a days event is conducted the day prior is this correct?

For example: Tuesday 6/12 schedule states registration 8-4pm. Drag race Island Dragway 5-10pm. My work & family schedule dictates that I will arrive at Island Dragway around 4:30-5.

If I can show up at hotel Tuesday afternoon can I register for that evening's event an hour or so before the event actually starts? If so will I be charged the $80 & $35 prices or the fees of $90 and $45? - hey $20 bucks is $20 bucks?

Lastly - Can I register at an event's gate for that event AND the rest of the week or are we required to register for any remaining events back at the event hotel during registration hours?

Any BOD or Event planners please comment.

I know this is last minute questions but like many others out there solidifying work and family stuff is not always a science. I know the event planners are doing their best and couldn't anticipate all the questions and scenarios.

Thanks in advance - Dave
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The only place to register is at the hotel. No registrations will be taken at the events.
There will be a drivers' meeting the night prior to each event for competitors in each of the next day's events. You must attend this meeting to compete.

Dave, all I can do at this late a date is apologize that this information was not more timely or readily available before you made your plans. This is my first time serving on the Board and I'm still figuring out some of this stuff myself. But I promise you this will not happen again if I have anything to do with it.

Hope to see you next week. Look me up.
Gene - thanks for the reply - that really stinks but I may have a work around - if not maybe I'll just go to the hotel and not register. Save me the $110+ and then the wife will think it is a real vacation - no car stuff! :rolleyes:

Just based on the what I've been reading on the 'local' boards communication is key and we all can benefit from more of it. - As a new ISSCA member I got as much info from e-mails and people rather than the national site and that seems odd to me.

Thanks again for your response and time!
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