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Hi y'all,
I have a 1994 Buick Roadmaster. I've managed to get a [email protected] out of it at the track(with some wonderful 2.8 60' times!!) but I want to see if I can do anything to improve upon that.
The only catch: I drive this car to and from school in Florida, and I live in Ohio. Thus, I _NEED_ to keep the highway gears. I have gobs of passing power at 75 mph, and that's exactly what I want. I know the RMs came with 2.56 gears, but I have reason to believe that someone may have swapped in a 2.93 rear since the speedo reads 5 mph too high and the LCAs appear to be the 96 style (boltholes for swaybar on top only). So, I think this is what I have to work with.
Can anyone recommend a cam, or some other mods that will help out? I'm thinking of headers, but those might send me to the poor house unless I manage to find some used ones! :eek: I did muffler delete and the sewer pipe mod so far, and right now I'm fighting with my laptop to reflash the PCM to play with the spark tables.


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I have the stock 3.08 gears from my 1995 9C1 that you can have for free if you want them.

That'll give you some good highway cruising RPM and are better than the 2.93's you think you have now.

You'll need to buy a reluctor though. That'll run you about 30-40 bucks if I recall correctly.

You should know that if you do go that route, the way you install it is that you put the pinion gear in the freezer overnight, and drop the reluctor in a pot of boiling water. That'll contract the pinion, expand the reluctor, and let you install it without craking the reluctor.

I have to say though...
Even with 3.73 gears, my highway RPMs aren't bad at all.
You could BUY a set of 3.42's and still have good highway cruise speeds.

Of course, I'm talking about speeds in the 70-80 range. You might be going much faster.

EDIT: If you want the gears, send me an e-mail for my phone number. I'm out in Rock Creek (Ashtabula), and yes... You'll have to come get them. I ain't gonna give them away AND ship them. :D

Here's my e-mail address. I wrote it like that so that BOTS can't harvest the address for spam, but if you replace that "at" and "dot" with the correct symbols, it'll work.

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