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I have been looking and asking for help in planning and executing a mission to rebuild my 91 INTERCEPTOR and One of TAISSOs alumni and ISSF MEMBER, Pete stepped up to the plate.

Just this past weekend we met up as we're in the same province to go look at a 91 Caprice a yard had..
36,000 km two tone Caprice..emaulate except a little hit in front (airbag didnt even deploy) and some minor right front damage. The car shouldnt be in a scrap yard, but they wouldnt allow purchase, till now. So both Pete and I took what we needed.

Even though it hurt to do this to such a nice car, at the time I couldn't save the whole I figured it would live on in my car.
I'm ecstatic to report I managed to walk away with an almost complete and cherry interior for a dirt cheap.

This is all thanks to Pete who put time aside to help a fellow B BODY enthusiast.
Pete was great, and friendly, offering advice and a helping hand to me so that I could get some amazing parts and a head start in the right direction.
We've also been chatting a bit since, as Pete said he would help guide me in more of my rebuild process.

So I just wanted to thank Pete and let all of you on here know about my super positive experience.

Thank you Pete so very much for your help thus far. I appreciate you for this.
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