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Yes, no dyno for 96 and newer just can’t have any codes.

I have almost the same exhaust setup as you and haven’t had a problem. They’ve opened my hood but never said anything. I do have the air pump delete and sticker but doubt they can read so they may have just been looking for fun.

You may have a problem with the 58mm TB. My 96 had one and failed. That could have been from poor computer programming, I don’t know. I put my stock TB and computer on and breezed right through.

Are you moving to Phoenix proper or outskirts? I don’t think you have to do any sort of emissions test if you live outside the valley. I think it’s only Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff areas.

Oh, and expect to have to buy a new gas cap. I’m convinced they get a percentage of every one sold here.
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