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I have on yahoo around 150 + pics loaded on yahoo, please either give me your yahoo id or yahoo groups email addy, and i will add ya to the the view list. I was having to much fun running in the fun run to snap drag phots, big thanks to the track for letting 5 fun runs in. I am still not broke after 2 burnouts, before Jonny law was called by a S.L.'er security bonehead. Too bad I was the only one with VA tags and US Armed Forces Stickers.

I cannot wait untii next year's ISSCA nats.

By the way can your b-body wagon tow your other b-body? Prove it next year at the nats, I was the only one doing this in my SSHAGIN Wagon. Lock the cruise at 55 and crank up the Jams! Is the only to tow in my book.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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