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Hi Guys,
Thought I'd share a few pics of my 94 LS B4U I bought couple weeks ago.It's had just 2 previous elderly owners and has 87k miles on it. It will be our fun cruiser,as we also own a 96 B4U with 19k miles which is stock. Started a few minor oem style mods on the 94.
I added 9C1 rims and painted them Argent silver.Added the 93 LTZ 5.7 Liter fender emblems,front grill and hood ornament.Also did a drilled air box with K&N drop in filter,and a mild pair of turbo mufflers.
Planning on doing the 94/95 SS center console mod soon.I'll keep the gray Caprice interior,so I'll need to cut off the center seat/arm rest section.

We like it alot so far.
I also own an all stock 96 B4U.

Medium Garnet Red w/gray cloth 94 B4U minor mods.

Medium Garnet Red w/ruby red cloth 96 B4U stock.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts