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Here are a few pics of the front end rebuild and lowering I did to my wagon. Sprint 2/3 with Bilstein 1104 up front, fact. air out back.

The rest can be viewed at thru wgnwork28.jpg

Later :D

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Thanks for all the compliments guys

It's still a major work in progress.
I was going to be out in Dallas this weekend for
Impalafest, but had some things come up and was
unable to make it. But I'll be runnin HOT ROD Power Tour next year, so that'll make up for it. As well as the national meet at Vegas.

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The wagon looks awesome!!

I might have asked this before, but what wheel size, backspace, and tire size are you running?

How does the wagon handle now? Did you re-index the load levelling system?


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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