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Pocono Casualty .... she's a no go

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Well the thrash for Mountain Madness has ended and I've thrown in the towel. :(

I managed to get the new motor in and all hooked up late on Tuesday night..... that's when everything started to unravel.


Late Tuesday night, new motor is in and gets started....

Wednesday morning, new motor gets heat cycled and all the fluids checked.....

Wednesday afternoon, first run lasts 2 1/2 km.....

Wednesday night car gets towed to engine shop......

Thursday, new lower bearings and a new oil pump......

Friday morning fresh oil and a 5 km run, everything checks out.....

Friday afternoon 30km from engine shop, blow a tranny line....

bastardize it together with the help of a local farmer and almost get home before totally blowing the line....

get stuck at a garage trying to fix the tranny line and find all the upper control arm shims missing....

limp it to the dealer and get an alignment to fix the shim deal....

while on the hoist I squeeze in and fix the tranny lines (I think)....

Friday night go for a run to into town and loose the alternator....

Limp it home to find low oil pressure (may be a bad gauge now)

Have to leave for the weekend.... finally throwing in the towel.

So now the car sits needing an alternator, oil pressure gauge and a starter. Everything under the hood is dripping with tranny fluid. I believe this is what took out the alternator. When the oil pump let go, it dropped to zero oil pressure at low RPM and over 100psi when you rev it. I believe this has pooched the pressure sender and the starter was hardly able to turn the new motor over since I installed it.


I hope everyone has a great time at Mountain MadneSS. I was hoping to meet everyone and show off the new purple stroker, but it would seem someone has decided otherwise.

Have a great week Ladies and Gents.
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Sorry to hear that Brad , with you & Nick both out, we are down to fewer Ontario guys making the trip !

Good Luck...

Jim....packing up a Toronto Maple Leafs folding chair... ;)
that sucks...wanted to meet another :D
Sorry to hear that Brad....

Look on the positive side, at least it didn't catch on FIRE 1100 miles away from home like mine did...

Rent a car and come down anyways!
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Hmmm.....there MUST be a prize for ...perseverance,tenacity, or just plain steadfastness at MM ? ;)

If so , have MY vote !!!
Keep on...

Jim....heading to MM in an old Chevy...

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you have my sympathies brad,
after a part time thrash for a week to install all the big brakes,(13" f+b) a marathon 14hr cam, springs, rockers swap, seems like the bottom end couldn't keep up with the added power and rpm,
its dead, seems like a main (or two )has spun.all the registration fees and hotel room costs all wasted. I,m not much of a spectator so best of luck to all and have a great time. Maybe i'll win the golen engine package? i asked a pal of mine to by me a ticket. Car is done for this year.
Terribly depressed with a grumpy wife that is missing her mini vacation.
Thanks guys. It is definitely a bummer not to go, but at least all the problems where somewhat close to home.

Nick, To bad about your wagon. I was really hoping to see you woop some of the cars on the drag and autocross. That would have been awesome.

Noel, I was following along on your post and after I got myself settled down, I was thinking well, at least it didn't catch fire !! You sure hit the nail on the head. I hope you get your car sorted out and back on the road.

Now the plan is to get it ready for next year. This time it will not be a last minute thrash !!

Brad - there were some FAST wagons on the Autocross circuit...!

Gotta get my pics....
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