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Post up your stitched, wrapped, and sueded BIG $$$$ interiors!

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Ok, so I may be looking at an expensive interior upgrade to get the feeling of a real car in there. Post up your pics of your upgraded interiors so I can get some ideas.

I'm not talking about painted and dyed parts. No ghetto-upgrades need apply (myself included ;)). I'm talking the "I spent a sh!tload at the upholsterer's and it was totally efiin' worth it" type of upgrade. And if you don't mind, give an idea of what you spent. I'm expecting in the thousands.

I know Lenny falls into that category. And BlsdEsq(?) who had that gorgeous red interior done. I've seen a few others also. Let's get the creams of the crop all in one thread, if we could... :D
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Crovo you've seen my 2 tone 12 ways so I don't have to post up pics.

One point I'd like to make is that anything you do where you are recovering things is the only way to do it right because it's permanent.

Every single item I have ever seen in an interior that was dyed eventually, no matter how good a job you do, cracked, peeled, faded, etc.

I am sure some of you will say "oh not mine" and I am sure certain parts won't crack or peel but redying/re-spraying stuff never lasts longterm from all the SS's I've seen.

BTW, I've resprayed my steering wheel and dash with SEM paint a few times over 15 years and they look fantastic and held up for years and years but eventually they need to be retouched, especially the steering wheel.
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