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Just thought it be interesting to see what kind of dyno numbers guys are putting out to run X E/T. It seems especially varying in the sub 11 second crowd where traction/vehicle setup becomes an issue. I've seen b bodies run 11's with everything from just around 400rwhp to 550+rwhp.

Just write

best E/T (60 foot/mph as well)
Dyno numbers (specify chassis dyno or engine)
weight with driver
additional setup info (gears, stall, any out of the ordinary stuff?)

I know it's kind of like the E/T page but the one thing I am looking at that the ET page really doesn't have is dyno numbers. I am more or less just doing it for ****s and giggles to see how accurate most of those e/t calculator pages are when it comes to our boats but I think it would be cool info to have.
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