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Got quotes from on the Bilsteins (1104/0929) and Konis. $250 vs $365!!! The consensus on which is better seems to be very evenly split during past discussions on this issue. I guess my question is, are the Konis worth paying $115 more than what everyone agrees to be a good shock in the stiff Bilsteins? My SS is a daily driver that I autocross every now and again.

96 BBB

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Well, it's one of those "it depends" kinda questions :D

Are either of those shocks a big improvement over stock? Yep.

Will either make a fine AutoX shock for the "occasional" user who also street drives the car? Yep.

Does the Koni have a little more adjustability than the Bilstein? Yep.

Do more "serious" AutoXers run Konis than Bilsteins? Yep. In fairness, they are usually running the high-$$$ double-adjustables and not the much more affordable single-adjustables (i.e. these shocks).

Is there $115 worth of "upgrade" to the Konis? Gonna depend on your opinion :D

Personally, I would (and did) spend the little extra to get the Konis. I think they are a fantastic shock for the $$$. But, I also agree that the money on the Bilsteins would be well spent.

I really think this is one of those decisions where either one is a good choice!
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