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PROCHARGER D1SC guys need your input

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Im currently running the 383/D1sc setup and im not seeing more then 11psi on the guage but the pulley is rated for 15psi i know this varies with exhaust and head...etc..., but i like to know what the max boost you guys are getting from your D1. Id like to up my boost if all possible to 15psi.

And if you guys dont mind what setup are you guys running?
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Dragging this topic up from a year ago. I'm reworking a D1SC setup for a 383 LT1. Revised bracket with better brace, spring tensioner and better belt wrap. Crank pulley od is about 7.875" but to the midpoint of the belt groove looks like 7.25 or so. Not sure how ATI measures. Measuring the blower pulley, I get about 3.4" in the grooves.

Does this sound like the max-boost setup? Previous owner is pretty sure he saw 18-20# when he had the belt tension as tight as he can get it, but Combination only set him up with a Walbro 225 pump and 50# injectors.... this isn't5 adding up. If this is the 18# setup the fuel system is way undersized...

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what kind of engine was this on? 18# on a 350 with stock-ish heads is very different than 18# on a healthy 383.
9:1 forged 381 (0.020). NA it put down 322 at the wheels. Iron heads ported, peak at 280ish cfm.

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9:1 forged 381 (0.020). NA it put down 322 at the wheels. Iron heads ported, peak at 280ish cfm. Mainly wondering if the pulley ratio is realistically a 10# setup or max output setup. Interweb reading has me thinking it's the max setup. Roughly 2:1 overdrive and 5:1 in the blower and 6000 rpm puts it close to max blower rpm.
Thanks for the feedback Jonathan.. 72#/hour injectors and a Weldon pump/regulator are on their way. I jusy needed to convince myself that Combination shipped a........ sh!tty combination. Now that we hopefully have belt slip under control, let's see what 18# can do..

For the LTx Procharger guys, I'll leave this here... Engine Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive engine part
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Is that groove side of the belt on a smooth idler just below the tensioner? Are y'all sticking with the same pulley combination you listed above? And I have to ask - which 72 lb injectors?
I'm not doing the shopoing on the injectors, I just calculated the min we should need. Talk to Don.

Yes, smooth idlers on ribs. Not ideal but two of them were from the original kit, and the bottom one is one of the ones I sourced. I have not found a 12 rib grooved idler yet from the usual suspects OE suppliers, only smooth. I'm thinking of looking for a pair of grooved 6 rib pullies and making one. Minus the obvious trimming and a few minor tweaks, this is what we are planning on bringing to ATL.

Oh yeah, use a 88-92 Camaro V8 upper radiator hose. You need to trim about an inch off the engine side, but seems to clear very well and looks like it was made for the B-body with a blower right there. ;)
I don't know if this is an fbody one, but this is what we mocked up. I am going to move the lower idler to the left a smidge and allow the tensioner idler a little more clearance to the hose.

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