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what model is it???

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Here you go

heres your installation guide: Images/N564P_6-03.pdf

transmitter/receiver learn routine™

The system comes with two transmitters that have been taught to the receiver. The receiver can store up to four different transmitter codes in memory. Use the following learn routine to add transmitters to the system or to change button assignments if desired.
Using the optional Directed Electronics Bitwriter™ or PC Interface, the learn routine may be locked. Make sure the learn routine is unlocked before programming features. If the siren generates one long chirp when attempting to program the unit, the learn routine is locked and must be unlocked using the Directed Electronics Bitwriter™ or PC before proceeding.

The Valet®/Program button, plugged into the blue port, is used for programming. There is a basic sequence to remember whenever programming this unit: Door, Key, Choose, Transmit and Release.
1. Open a door. (The GREEN wire, H1/5, or the VIOLET, H1/7 must be connected.)

2. Key. Turn the ignition on. (The heavy gauge PINK wire of the relay satellite must be connected.)light flash (+)/(-)tach threshold on/off

3. Select the receiver channel. Press and release the Valet®/Program switch the number of
times necessary to access the desired channel. Once you have selected a channel, press andHOLD the Valet®/Program switch once more. The siren will chirp and the LED will blink thenumber of times corresponding to the channel that has been accessed.

NOTE: If adding a remote, a button must be taught to the unit in the Channel One or Channel Fiveposition prior to programming other channels.
Channels Two, Three and Nine: Channels Two through Nine are used to assign the arm, disarm and panic functions to separate buttons on the remote control. Teaching a button to Channel Two erases all information about that remote from memory. Any auxiliary functions that are desired will have to be reprogrammed. Similarly, if the remote is set up to use the separate arm, disarm and panic channels and a button from that remote is entered into Channel Two, the remote will be erased from memory, and the system will only recognize the button that was entered into Channel Two.
Channel Twelve: If any transmitter button from a known transmitter is programmed to Channel Twelve, all transmitters will be erased from memory and will revert to the default feature settings. (See Features Menu section of this guide.) This is useful in cases when one of the customer's transmitters is lost or stolen. This will erase any lost or stolen transmitters from the system's memory. It can also be used to start from scratch if the transmitter buttons were programmed incorrectly.

4. Press the transmitter button. While HOLDING the Valet®/Program switch, press the
button from the transmitter that you wish to assign to that channel. The unit will chirp
indicating successful programming. It is not possible to teach a transmitter button to the
system more than once.

5. Release. Once the code is learned, the Valet®/Program button can be released.
You can advance from one channel to another by releasing the Valet® /Program button and tapping it to advance channels and then HOLDING it. For example, if you want to program Channel Three after programming Channel One, release the Valet®/Program button. Press it twice and release it to advance to Channel Three. Then press it
once more and HOLD it. The siren will chirp three times to confirm it is ready to receive the code from the transmitter.

Learn Routine™ will be exited if:
■ Ignition is turned off.
■ Door is closed.
■ Valet®/Program button is pressed too many times.
■ More than 15 seconds elapses between steps.
One long chirp indicates that Learn Routine™ has been exited.
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