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Originally posted by AutocroSSer:
Few notes :

13. Wayne : that is the case with OBD-II smog in TX (and some other states) that it is only a plug-in and readiness monitor check. In CA, we have to pass the plug-in, readiness, visual AND tailpipe (and ALL of them) on an OBD-II car. And the tailpipe is now on the dyno in many parts of CA, which is tougher to pass than the old idle/2500 test (i.e. what TX now requires for 95 and older cars).

I forget how bad it is over there. Got reminded when I was trying to help a fellow Festiva owner get past smog. My car, a '90, which barely passed here, would be a "gross polluter" over there...

Still comes back to needing an OBDII PCM to pass...

I hope to be back in Louisiana with no smog checks by the time it gets that bad here. If not, my car will certainly be registered there. :cool:

The Impala gets new check valves annually...

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still trying.. i had a code for my driver side o2's being set off so i got new front o2's for both sides and switched my old front pass side sensor to the rear driver side and now i'm getting a code for the pass side so i guess both my rear o2's were bad. oh well. i'm gonna change that one out and then see what CEL i get after that because i know there will be one. i haven't run my car without the CEL with my stock pcm since i bought it but i can try.

now, if i reconnect the manifold hook ups, can i replace the tube that goes under the engine with heater hose and connect them to the pump that way? it will be a lot easier for me to do it that way. any tips? i'm gonna try this soon but i need to get my hands on another manifold hook up
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