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QA1 suspension

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Hey guys so im thinking about piecing together a QA1 suspension setup i have a 95 chevy impala. Only suspension i put was the eibach lowering springs and KYB shocks. Im looking to do extended rear trailing arms and adjustable upper rear control arms. Also would like to do a coil over setup but not sure what kits will work.
need to do front upper and lower control arms with coilovers as well. Also have never done body bushings so need to do those. Thank you guys let me know what you think
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QA1 has a plug and play kit basically. Think all you have to do for the coilovers is drill a hole in the original lower shock mount.
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Also keep Speedtech in mind. They also make a plug and play kit, very similar to QA1's kit and using Viking shocks/springs.
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3Pedals offers the QA1 brackets as a standalone as well.

I think when I priced it out the QA1 brackets and the Vi-King coilovers bought separately was the same price as the QA1 coilovers. I just like the Vi-kings as personal prference.
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For the same price of the QA1’s, you can get the Vikings double adjustable coilovers.
Splitting hairs

The "-" is so you dont book a cruise.

Think the company referers to itself as Viking doesnt it ?
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They do reference it as Viking everywhere except their URL. I think I just got used to saying vi-king lol
Some more good info:
I changed the suspension on my '96 SS to QA1 coil overs, upper and lower arms with the adjustable Track II shocks all around , Quadra-link rear with longer trailing arms. Shakenfake's comment on drilling the hole for the front lower mount is widened so I can easily reach in and adjust the amount of dampening I want. I have the shocks riding soft at the moment, like a Caddy, but stiffen them for autocross, (they still hold corners under power, there is a 'touch' of body roll that disappears with stiffer settings). It's a nice set-up, very easy to adjust to your ride preferences. I didn't look at the Vikings or Speedtech components, very happy with the QA 1 set up.
Viking and QA1 are likely very similar. Haven't driven both myself on a B body but set quite a few cars up with QA1 stuff when I worked at a speed shop and they worked very well for street/strip cars we built. The QA1's always struck me as more of a drag shock marketed as an all around shock, but this was back when most of the QA1's were single adjustable so the Vikings seemed like a much better way to go for the money. Now, most QA1 kids offer their double adjustable shocks which are probably very similar to Viking as they are both twin tube shocks as far as I know.

I spoke to a company Reilly Motorsports (RMS) that build coil over setups for old mopars and they offer 3 options, QA1, Viking and RIdetech. I figured they'd be a good source to ask because they've likely tried all 3 on the exact same setups and had to reason to fluff one up since they sold all 3.

Owner told me both QA1 and Viking performed similar at the track and were very good choices for the money .

the clear winner though was ride tech, he had nothing but great things to say about them as seems to be the case with the majority of platforms comparing ride tech to QA1 or Viking. Most will say at the track it makes very little difference, but almost everyone I've seen who were able to test both state the mono tube design of the Ride Tech's were superior for the street.

Check post 11 for a pretty good explanation of the design differences from a former employee of Ridetech.

Moot point because Im fairly sure RideTech doesn't offer anything for our car. Haven't looked into whether or not anything they make would fit int he mounts offered by Speedtech or QA1.

All in all, you probably won't notice much difference at all between QA1 and the Speedtech/Viking setup. You'll be happy with either one, both offer enough adjustability to dial things in the way you'd like. Only downside to coil overs IMO is you're adding a few wear items for a daily driver, they aren't as durable as a coil spring/shock setup and you have potential for the pivot ball (spherical bearing) to wear and the upper shock bushing on the front seems to have some more load on it which could lead to accelerated wear.
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Ridetech makes air ride suspension components for our cars. The Shockwave kit comes with tubular front control arms and their airbag/shock thing.
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